Where Does God Reside?

Where Does God Reside?
Painting titled ‘Belief’ Kenz Hall, EFY 2017 song.

I have been

led to believe

that God resides in

temples and mosques,

that they live in

monasteries and gurudwaras.

God was the personification of hope,

a perfect childhood and hearty laughter,

to me God was sunset lies and bottled remorse.

Allah resides in

8-year-old Imran of Afghanistan

as he runs free

through the vast

paddy fields of his village,

which now serves as

a burial ground

for his family’s ashes.

Imran questions me,

with a quiver in his voice,

“was love meant to be terrorized and

if there was a difference in the sneakers that his Hindu friend

wore and the chappals that adorned his feet?”

Christ lives in

15-year-old Jennifer

who lies awake in her bed,

remembering the relief she felt in his goodbye,

while the tears trickled

down from her eyes

as she remembers

being overpowered by

her uncle’s huge frame

while she struggled

to run away.

Jennifer looks at herself in the mirror,

all she finds is the looking at the forlorn image

of the girl who was never the heroine

and all she needed to a grand funeral

of that girl was chlorine of memories.

Durga inhabits

11-year-old Reema’s body

as she is shackled

to the dungeons

and tied to the

iron bound chains of patriarchy,

Reema sits on the bed

of her newlywed husband,

wondering whether new beginnings were

more of endings that didn’t get a closure

her husband lifts her veil and

while she tries hard to remember

the comprehensive guide on how to be a woman.

god dwells in Akash and Noor’s

teary eyed hastened good-byes

while her feet are covered

with the mud of Karachi

and his shirt is bought from karol bagh,

innocent hearts broken

with the dagger of hatred,

we are god’s favorite tragedy

all leftovers

of yesterday’s stale pieces

of hostility.

where does

God truly live?

is it in the corrupt hearts

of those who claim to better

the world that echoes

with the screams

of bloodthirsty housewives

and cries of love that feels like a broken mirror?

does God live in the fists of men

who reek of the misogyny

coursing through their blood

or in the  (my favorite kind of heartbreak) heart melting smile

of the girl who

lives opposite,

She still believes

we are the creator’s best creations.

In the end God to me

is constant

because God to me

is only mortal.

Where does God reside? Akshita Chaudhary

Akshita Chaudhuri

Akshita is a 16 year old high school student from Kolkata. More often than not, you’ll find her obsessing over poetry books, Sufi music and a cup of coffee. She considers herself to be the first of her kind and believes revolution is her synonym. You can find her work on her Instagram handle _shaerha_


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