“Non-fiction stories nourish me,
Crime thrillers keep me going”

This piece is from an experimental independent album of visual poems called ‘VOETRY’. It is a blend of spoken poetry and cinematic imagery. ‘Philosophically Yours’ is an experimental and progressive album of 5 different voetries, the first being Chehre (or faces).

Clothes are not important, but not that unimportant either। क्यूँकि कपड़े हमें ढँकते हैं, जैसे हम ढँकते हैं मन के नंगेपन को दुनियादार चेहरों से; I wish us animals to re-achieve our rooted animality and naked faces again . . . 

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Manuraj Dubey

Manuraj Dubey is an acclaimed Indian writer. He completed his Masters in philosophy and thereby ventured on to write several stories and poetry collections on human emotions, complicated relationships, psychology and social situations. His poetry collection “Alfaaz” was acknowledged by reputed lyricist and poet, Padma shri Dr. Bashir Badr saab. His audio/e-book series and novel “DICE” and “BLACK ROSE” are best-sellers as published on Storytel International. As a screenplay, story, dialogue writer and a founder of “CUENTISTA FILMS” – his upcoming feature film “WHITE FLAME” for Netflix originals is currently in its post-production phase. As a screenplay writer, Manuraj Dubey has also assisted and collaborated with Anupama Chabuskar, editor of feature anthology film “BOMBAY TALKIES” and documentary “Bhopal Gas Tragedy” He has worked as an assistant writer with Mr. Sanjay Khanduri, and also under the guidance of Ambar Prasad (Sony Entertainment Television, Life Ok) for Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India as an Assistant writer – 2015.


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