The Duality Between Faith and Extreme Religionism

The Duality Between Faith and Extreme Religionism
Photograph by Gabriel Lamza on Unsplash

thousands and thousands of years ago 

began an intricate system of faith 

thousands and thousands of years later

the reasonable fine lines

between faith and grandiosity

between faith and superstition

between faith and manipulation 

between faith and unruly practices

have been vanishing

in quite some bizarre fashion

my tender yet dubious heart

never comprehended

the eerie nature of believing in something

so profoundly  

that the interconnection

of mind and body

get worked up so hastily

that goes against all

human laws to harm another being

just because of disparities

in their appearances, attires

and again beliefs

this very magnitude of believing

also comes

(most of the precious times)

without a single droplet of 

logical explanation

or any credible references 

although faith is not a stressor at all

believing in something is not

and shouldn’t be a fuss to any


the gruesome misfortunes occur

when these grandeur beliefs

are mixed and whisked with religion

by bigots or uninformed folks 

religionism never made sense to me

to be drowned in a belief 

which results in a surplus

of chaos than oneness

that was never even

taught, propagated, or preached

during the ancient years

yet manages to overthrow

all the good in our magnificent wide world

and turn it into a living hell

after countless discussions

hours of introspection

and living in a time of perpetual upheaval 

i’d rather have different sets of beliefs—

carefully chosen

conscientiously picked up during my aging

to establish bonds and balance collectivism

and to never become a fraction

of practicing extreme religionism.

Bani K

Bani K

Bani expresses herself as a creator, as it encompasses her love for creating different forms of art like poetry, writing, visual arts, and dance. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology and is a Mental Health Advocate. For Bani, writing poems has been an expression and a mirror of inner and outer tides around her. She is one believer in not keeping any regrets for the later years and is trying her best to continue shattering the odds. She has her three E’s constantly accompanying and motivating her: Explore, Experiment, and Experience. She is building her place at her own pace.


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