Artist in Focus: 4 Stunning Collages by Caroline McAleer

Artist Statement: My artwork consists of photographic collages with graphic elements and typography. I am interested in photographing aspects of my surroundings and building unique compositions. I am influenced by my environment in the West of Ireland and the repetitive systematics of nature – representing this idea of pattern while incorporating aspects of shape, line and type. It is my love for nature combined with my love for colour and graphic design that fuels my work.

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artist photo

Caroline McAleer

Caroline McAleer is a graphic designer/visual artist based out of Western Ireland. She studied design communication in 2012 and did her Master’s in digital media from National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) in 2014. Lately, she has developed a body of personal work that she is proud of. Her pieces have been featured at the Wall Space Gallery in Scotland, The Rhode Island Centre for Photographic Arts and several online exhibitions. Her work has also been published in a variety of arts and literary magazines, online and print. She is currently working on ideas of creative expression and is keen on improving both technically and creatively.


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