Maya Nadhi: The Voice of a Lost and Found Love

Maya Nadhi: The Voice of a Lost and Found Love
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Ever lost a favorite thing and found it again? How does that feel? A lost and found love is no different. 

Love is this sneaky feeling that sneaks inside your heart even before you realize it and stays rent-free forever. It makes you fall head over heels for the person. You know the feeling is real when they walk through your door, and your heart literally skips a beat! Love drives you into a land of magic without you even asking and makes you run plenty of imaginary scenarios in your head. It makes you daydream about the person but makes you go numb when you face them! Love makes you do crazy things, leaving you with a smile for no reason. 

The touch, presence, smell, and memory of them makes you delve deep into love. It gives you the courage to do things you’ve been scared of and stands beside you, cheering while you succeed! No, love is not some superpower or magic, but it is no less important than either.  Love has the strength to heal you, your wounds, and make you strong at heart! 

Why is this feeling so special? Why does it make your heart race? Why does it give you butterflies? No one would have a perfect answer rather, accept it with blushing cheeks. But, ever wonder how does love turn out when you have lost it? As we all would’ve experienced the worth of a thing only when it gets lost, the same applies to lost love.

Now, imagine having found your long-lost love, again! ‘Maya Nadhi’ from the Tamil movie ‘Kabali’ is a beautifully crafted song that will remain etched in my heart.

“Naan unai kaanum varayil thaabatha nilaye
Desangal thirindhen thaniye thaniye”

The opening lines themselves with the subtle music sweep the listeners off their feet! The lines translate to:

 ‘Until the moment I saw you, I was in a state of constant yearning and roamed around nations alone, in search of you!’

The speaker has lost her love long ago and has found it again. For 25 long years, the couple did not know where their partner was and lived in a state of constant fear of never being able to hold each other in their arms. By staying loyal despite the distance and time, their love won over old-age! How beautiful is that?

“Neer valiye meengalai pol, En uravai nan ilandhen
Nee irundhum nee irundhum, Oru thuravai nan adaindhen”

This translates to: ‘He lost his love in a snap, just like a fish in a fast-running stream! Despite her being in some corner of the world, he lived a life of loneliness.’ 

Though they missed their young married life, life gave them a second chance to fall in love with each other all over again! The entire song is a heartfelt expression of love by the old couple. Both spent their youth years believing in fate, yearning to meet again someday. The outburst of emotions when they found each other after ages is unveiled in the song beautifully! 

With the lyrics, “Thuya naraiyilum, kadhal malarudhey” the song transforms to the next level! It translates to: ‘Despite the silver hairs, our love still blossoms’. Depicting the beauty of reuniting an old-age love, ‘Maya Nadhi’ leaves even the teenagers in a state of awe!

I believe that love is the oldest and deepest feeling in the world, yet it still feels fresh when you find yourself, “the one!” Love is truly a weird mixture of emotions. One moment it makes you feel like you own the world, and the next moment it drowns you in the pain of longing. Holding on to each other despite all odds is what love does to people. Love isn’t always about romance. Sometimes love is all about distance, sacrifices, pain, and loyalty!

Nehasri Ravishenbagam

Nehasri Ravishenbagam

Nehasri is a regular blog contributor to various magazines and websites. Her top-favourites include travel, entertainment, food, and literature. She can often be found cooped up in her room with her laptop and waffles. While she’s not typing, you can bet that she’s into crime thrillers! Lastly, dogs and literature make her happy as a clam.


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