Two Waves

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Two waves born;

sunlight’s mercy

and moonlight’s sin,

we were

two hearbeats 

of the turquoise sea.

We shall die,


as calm as the water

that soothes your feet

near the shore. 

We were

we were

droplets of endless epiphany.

We were,

we were

the treasured grief

of a heartless sea. 

And to the sea

we were waves of respite,

waves of remorse

to its agony; afloat.

Two waves of sorrow,

the kind, 

a heart, 

(devoid of love)

lies heavy with. 

Two waves we were of the sea

two waves we were,

so fragile and free. 

Two innocent ripples,

we were born.

Two inhumanely untamed waves,

we shall crash into each other,

soul for soul,

drop for drop,



embracing each other as one,

merciful water

of the sea. 

Along the sea

we shall lay as tears.

Tears that’ll never make their way back

to mankind’s graveyard of misery. 

Heart for heart

two spirits shall collide,

Oh! We’d smother with a cheerful glee 

and entwine;

a song for the lost,

to find,

a song by the pelican;

She flies above,

her wings flapping against 

an air of wilderness. 

Two waves born by 

the tender hues 

of vermillion and blue. 

The carefree and noble sun

would drown into the sea,

forgiving waters,

sinking deeper

like a glass of wine poured

into melancholy. 

Two waves we were of the sea,

playful and alive at our dawn.

Two waves we were,

so fragile and free. 

And she’d take me nearer 

to the shores covered with the footprints of man,

watch over all the garbage and dirt,

so delicately,

at an empty castle

as if her eyes were the sole makers of a shelter;

a shelter born out of human desire. 

We were two waves,

two waves of the gentle sea. 

She’d giggle at her fate

born as a sea wave.

And I, 

grateful to have lost

and surrendered to the cold, 

cold water.

I shall be born again as a sea wave

beside her calm water

and the shadow of her spring. 

A silent appraisal of existing 

sprayed by the faint showers,

I close my eyes with a smile

everytime we’d crash into each othet;

a tragedy stuck between life and death,

we were two waves

two waves,

meant to be. 

And everything lay still in the water.

For once,

the earth was choked out of its misery,

the wind stroked calmly over the skin

of the sea,

and pleased were the skies above,

it rained, 

oh so heavily. 

I never knew how

and I didn’t want to know why,

but, for once,

we were two waves,

two waves of the grieving sea

and two waves,

we held our hands

inside the deeper sea;

hands that feared letting go,

hands shaped as man,

hands that were home,

home far away from the eyes of humanity. 

To be born and to die together,

we’d keep our love alive,

like a sunken lantern

burning under the sea. 

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Ayush Banerjee

I’m a movie buff who likes to sketch or read books, otherwise. I like to write when anything happening around moves me, when my basic emotions do not suffice and when something just feels to good to be true or to let go off, just as a thought passing by. Poetry is what I’ve always preferred over any form of writing.


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