Trapped in the 2×2 bathroom stall
Of my 4 storey office building,
I wipe my tears.
“Tap! Tap!” someone knocks the door
I gather my thoughts and step out
Locking behind my fears.

Back in the room full of friends
I play, chat and smile
My reality masked away all this while.

I go back home and burst into tears
Screaming, wailing, blaming myself for all this vile.

My phone rings with the call of my old friend,
My comrade till the end.
I ask him to pull me out of this oblivion
And rid me off this madness.
He pauses and says,
It is my habit to amplify my sadness.

I shut my phone for the night
And hold onto my pillow tight
For it has been my only respite
All this while.

P.S. This poem is not based on the writer’s personal experience rather someone known to her.



Diya is a student. She started writing in school and gained a little confidence when people around her appreciated her. For an introvert who was too shy to share what went around in her head, it felt amazing to be seen through her writing. She hopes that when people read her poems, it makes them smile, laugh, cry and feel all sorts of emotions. She wants people to feel a certain affinity with her words. That makes her a blahcksheep. 


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