Photograph by Connor Misset @connormisset on Unsplash 1
Photograph by Connor Misset @connormisset on Unsplash

How you spot me in every crowd 

Is it written on my face

I don’t fit in here

The South

It rejects me

Backs turn away

Only a grin on their face when they want to eat their cake

I’ll never be a clone of you

Watered down versions of someone else

When I could be 

Completely me

You’ll see


Meredith Bass

Meredith Bass is pronounced like the fish. Art is her passion behind closed doors and she is ready to show the world what her mind sees on the inside everyday. Her life motto is “When you’re 80 years old on your rocking chair, you’ll wish you did.” You can find her on Insta at @sassyy_bass


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