The Life Journey

The life journey
Illustration by Geordanna Cordero

The steps to the destined
faults were easy.
The never seen springs
of my pleasure,
the molten glaciers like tears
of my aimless fate,
the dexterity
of my wild dreams
Everything …
Everything was there!
And the core of truth too.
The flow of my flaws
was that greedy
to engulf me
and to grab the lights of my days.
For the nightmares,
my nights were
cultivable vast lands!
The walls of my room,
faded away
and I belonged to the darkness.

The narrow steps
to the destined faults
remaining, still.

Define Me As Time

The hourglasses are bleeding the drops of time
and it’s endurance covering me like a gauzy minute!
It’s the story,
Which narrated the hardships of rugged time.
I’m seeing the visage of disruption
in the beats of seconds
And still, we are
in the plaited valance.
The sleepless Aurora
And vernal, frenzied breathes,
These dense feelings and stiles of pleasure,
permuting and bursting.
I found a fleck in your gaze
And I found an autumnal sprout
in your touch.
The intonations, blended in blood
touched my shorelines and returned.
In the blooming of ecstasy
in the embers of reverie
I saw you, I saw you!
Thus, I just fade away like a silhouette
to the blare of time.
It was a sleety rain outside, for sine die.

Dr. Manjusha

Dr. Manjusha is a Ph.D holder in Malayalam from Kerala. She is interested in reading and writing. She has published two poetry collections in Malayalam and 5 anthologies as a co-author besides several published poems in national and international magazines.


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