The Bent Tree and Interstellar

Versatile genres of Music tweaking, nudging the right and left of the virile brain, and the chalice of the Heart dancing along, as if invited by the tree, this tree, my two firm feet walk backwards, as I squat down into a variance of a #malasaña, my eyes now assessing the neighbouring Trees. 

I wonder what might have made this tree, only this, to lean slightly away with its rooted part still firm, just the Trunk seeking another space, although unsoiled. They have managed to float in the Air, hold ground but in their own way, a different way, a unique One, what felt right for them. 

“If that bending, changing direction means right, serves right, do not fight,” I hear my wiser self tell my mortal self. 

The Sun that shone on their leaves when they reached my eyes, something had moved in me, left a piece of me with them, carried almost all of them with me.

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Post noon, I had an interesting class with my Science geniuses, chirpy, full of questions, answers par excellence, while I usually see Stars ( pun intended) and struggle to count with a Math like that. We explore Murphy’s Law with the boiling milk, and the buttered side of bread, and the set of misfortunes that I term “Life.” 

Come evening, after downing 4 Americanos to power up my concentration and avoid any Murphy sort of doom, in high alert, jot them minutes of the work meeting.

Then, then I chose to do Chris Nolan. Interstellar! Blame that Coffee I say, I invoke Einsteins, Newtons, Bohrs, Galileo, Hawking, M. Curie, Schroedinger et al to Crack the damn movie. 

Corn fields and the American farmhouse are a compelling and quick reference that my mind makes to Hanks’ Forrest Gump, and when I refocus on Nolan, Murphy speaketh to me. A mere coincidence for them mere mortals. Damn Synchronicity it is! Bu ha ha ha! 

Quantum Physics, Time travels, Quantum touch, therapy, and healings, kundalini spiking up, I remember the past years as if it were a past life or is it my future self in a time warp? Ain’t I lived before, now, after watching me document the same jabber partying with the midnight’s infamous ghosts! 

As there ain’t no crush worthy object in the movie, I cringe to cry on the Father-Daughter relationship through the Brands and Coopers. Think of my Dad, and cry it, what a lovely daughter he has! I hear him scoffing! And I thought I spotted a pair of Lee Coopers too, somewhere in the blackhole of my mind! Armageddon (again Daddy-Daughter) checks in and Aerosmith croons into my ears, do he ever do it. LOL! 

All I feel and see is a million galaxies, planets, their vibrations, vibrational frequencies, the hums and Light, the specks of a huger Whole that we are, them beings, which is our stripped off Ego, the purity of Soul, speaking a language of Love, though not fully decoded as it is no binary! 


Those that wonder about the minutes of my work meeting, Oh Yeah, it travels through the Wormhole, cracking the delivery through the illusion of time, with the formula on page number infinity! 

#interstellar #murphy’s law #astrophysics #physics #einstein #newton #nielsbohr

Satya edited

Satya SG

Satya is a teacher of creative writing and art, business consultant, yoga and meditation enthusiast, healer, actor and dancer. She is anti-caste, intersectional feminist who loves oceans and forests.


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