Stories Inside 


How many of you have unwritten books inside?

Did you ever imagine a moment from your life to start a novel?

Do you look at blossoming flowers during spring and remind yourself to look up?

Do you imagine parallel lives with the choices you didn’t make and lives that didn’t happen?

Do you think about how your present is slowly becoming the past? 

Do you think of getting old and frail, dying with all theses stories inside you?

Things I Wish

Things I often wish to do

Say a no, with straight face and no explanation, 

Laugh mindlessly,

Not worry about my teeth coming out,

Ask inappropriate questions – do you think of killing your self often? What lives, or who lives rent free in your head? Have you sat in a place of worship and cried? Have you like me, not read Sartre?

Take off randomly, 

Walk across France,

Kiss in front of Eiffel Tower (show middle finger to those who say it’s cliché),

Bake a sour dough bread,

One day, be brave enough to live, without letting my nerves play a game of run and hide.

Things I often think about 

The girl who taught kids from difficult backgrounds in America and made candles in her free time and travelled every summer,

The underlying emotion behind work emails,

(Then berating myself for finding feelings in a land of none),

How different life would have been “if”- there weren’t umpteen if – mostly “if” I did not have anxiety,

The name of that student in the bar in Salzburg,

The bartender who consistently refilled my water,

The sky walk on my way to college,

My selective memory, of things I don’t want or want to remember.


Srishti Aishwarya Shrivastava

Srishti works as a corporate lawyer, and is striving to figure out the middle ground between anxiety and ennui, lone and lorn, mores and the want for more. She often tries to convert life’s tales, travails and trajectory into poetry. 


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