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spoken word
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#1 Slut, Bitch, Whore and Many More

If a woman sleeps with a man
when she’s unmarried
she is a slut
who has no value in a society

if a woman denies to sleep with a man
she is a whore
with no body

if she loves another woman
she is a sinner
for our country

if she is dark
she is a black night
with no right

if she is infertile
she is the one
without a womb

if she is self made
she is a bitch
ruling a world dominated by men

if she knows how to swear
she is a witch
without any respect

if she is a woman with dignity
snatch it from her
she is not worthy of it

if she is a woman who loves her freedom
take it away from her
or else, you might lose control of her

if she is a woman of purity
rape her
she doesn’t deserve it

if she is a woman
control her
she is a puppet

you all got us wrong.

dear society,
not every prostitute is bad
some have their reasons
not every self made woman
dominates all men
not every woman is a slut
not every woman is a whore

we may not be same
we may be different
we may be with body or without a body

but we are humans too
please respect us
respect our thoughts
just like we respect yours.

#2 The Prince and his Moon

He waited for her,
Called her his moon.
He cried for her,
Pleaded with her to meet him soon.

He prayed to find,
Someone like his imaginary moon.
He kneeled down,
To find someone like her soon.

When the moon will come in his life,
All darkness will vanish.
He will live without empathy or love,
And will get a beautiful wife.

Moon admired his famish over his wants,
Thought of giving him his moon.
Moon sent a girl of his dreams,
Shiny, and beautiful.

Moon thought he will be happy,
Late at night he sent the princess.
Wrapped in a qipao,
Hoping this will probably make him happy!

The prince became happy for his princess,
But when she came closer,
He rejected her and called her a loser,
Because of the scars the moon gave her.
And this is what he wanted:
A princess like the moon.
But shiny like moon,
Not with scars like the moon.

Moon became angry,
Cursed him forever.
He won’t get his wife,
He won’t live a happy life.

​Parthvi Singh

​Parthvi Singh

​Parthvi Singh is from Kichaa, Uttrakhand. She is the author of the book “The Fire Poetry” and has compiled a book called “Coursé Birse.” She has written many other anthologies and has been featured in more than 15 magazines. She is a writer, editor and loves making her world come alive.


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