Illustration by Dinkar Jadhav

Once upon a time in the Equine
a poor stallion and a mare dine
grass hay and corn; play football, a foal was born
that had a horn and named it unicorn
Unicorn’s parents would hardly sit, always stand, be on their feet
as they had to support their baby in this materialistic human world
Never understood why ghoda aka gun by the underworld
Cowboys wouldn’t ride on cows but horses
Does or did Texas ever pay taxes for horses?
They became slaves to this supposedly intelligent species
Human beings exploited the horses the best they could
Horses were trained but also had cold feet
To ride on them they made a saddle seat
Horses were so inspiring that they got a place in a carousel
Ghodagaadi-Kalaghoda-Matheran-Victoria’s not a childhood secret
Kid makes an elder a horse to ride on their back tabdak tabdak
A real life death defying stunt on a horse galloping at Matheran
usable in movie for how fast it really ran almost crashing the skull
The Black Stallion to Badal (Mard) to Dhanno (Sholay)
to Raja (Khoon Bhari Maang) to Schwarzenegger’s
True Lies stunt by the horse to Seabiscuit to War Horse,
upon the horses of” — bookmark LOTR2 to
Lakdi ki kathi from Shekhar Kapur’s Masoom
Bus transports people to see a horse’s stunt at a circus
Bet if they were fast in the races they would win if lot of luck
From Bombay on train to boarding school south Indian hill station
a junior from Bombay calls ghoda: Neigh! Memory will stay
Indian bridegroom had to ride a horse to his bride
Unicorn noticed Indian trucks that said: Horn OK Please
Since it had a horn it didn’t understand
and in its unique brain, visual thoughts whirled:
One loud image stood out, a bit violent, humans’ voice was hoarse
to the unicorn’s parents as they wanted to make leather for jacket,
boot, glove and baseball
Root for, love for all goodness was what the unicorn stood for.
When the unicorn was an adult it got an arousal
of horsepower and used its superpowers to unthorn
It wasn’t black or white but it was brown
with a fluorescent pink horn

I woke up suddenly mid-sleep, thinking it was the next day. Panicking, I instantly reached out for my phone. My tired eyes stared at the time in disbelief.  I had to reach the venue two hours ago. I was relieved to check the date – I hadn’t skipped a day. All was well. I tried to go back to sleep only hoping such a weird dream wouldn’t occur again.

Himanshu vora

Himanshu Vora

Himanshu is an oneironaut, i.e, a dream explorer who possesses the ability to travel within a dream in his conscious state of mind. He likes to recall his lucid dreams and write about them. Besides books, music and movies, he likes wearing an interesting t-shirt, tasting different kinds of coffee and tea, and being a poetaster. He considers himself to be the blahcksheep of his family and is a frequent blaher.


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