“Dyevat” (1987) by Victor Vasarely
“Dyevat” (1987) by Victor Vasarely

Hits hardest when it’s closest, literally or metaphorically.
Clambering on the way,
To what feels like normalcy.
With every successive level hitting a different spot,
And every one of those spots being a blind one.
Continuing the climb,
Treacherous and terrifying, with a glimmer of hope.
Clinging on to what feels significant,
Coming out different, always stronger than before.
Wondering what really justified this?
The answer, and the question in itself, ever changing.

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Sneha Raman

 An HR manager by profession, Sneha attempts to authentically re-connect with and explore different forms and types of writing. You can find her on Instagram on the handle @sneha.raman. A random fact about her is that she loves writing letters and sharing Spotify playlists. Here’s one for you:

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