Pearl Earing 

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The dawn breaks apart, 

Seeing the skies drown in rain, Heart yearns to feel the dew, But my mind still chained in refrain. Cause and effect and logic, 

Now drowning in the reason less sea, Here I am burning, 

Accepting an end with uncanny glee. But today we rise in desperacy, Today we rise in vain. 

For madness begins in seclusion, And alone is who you are, 

And alone who I am, 

Just a little too far. 

Today I drape the cloth, 

The society in me tends to judge, Today my eyes are lined, 

Ignoring those with a grudge. But today when we rise in crowds, Today we rise in shame. 

I walk down the silent streets, With eyes protruding to protest, Those dangling earrings of pearls, Jingling in freedom, limitless. I walk down to love who I love,

A dalliance beyond the world 

So I dance with her in my arms, 

As she laughs beyond recognisable words. Today we rise in love, 

We rise in being alone together. 

The dawn is still breaking, 

The world will still end in misery, 

But today my heart is what it is, 

Which is Ignorant, naive but free. 

Today sky is as much mine, 

As much you think it’s yours, 

My verses now flutter in freedom 

Define love beyond phrase and words 

Today I am that sea, 

Which knew my desperate heart, 

One who I knew would never, 

Not having a home at heart. 

Today the world is mad, 

It wants me to hide in that sea, 

But that is as problematic, 

For we’re both born to be free. 

A law was never good enough, 

But neither is anything done long in rear, For today when we rise, 

Rise in pride not in fear.

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Gayatri Pujari 

I am a student pursuing science. I have always looked at life from a distorted yet diversified perspective, and based my poetry on subjects that are conventionally uncomfortable and somewhat difficult. My writings focus on the predominant premise of identity, society, life and death. I have been a non-conforming blahcksheep (I love this word) for as long as I have identified myself as a person. And I am proud of it.


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