I Am More Than Just a Body

By Lucia @luciadong on Unsplash
Photograph by Lucia (@luciadong on Unsplash)

I penned this poem at the time I was feeling extremely vulnerable. I was going through a phase where I was made to feel that my identity is contingent on a man – that I am supposed to be controlled by a man. Through this poem, I want to convey a message to men: women are much more than being your “objects of pleasure.”

I am more than just a body

I am your mother, daughter, sister and wife

I am not just a combination of breasts and vagina

Stop scanning me from top to toe, 

Because some day your daughter might face something so.

I am a human, alive and I feel

Do not touch me without my consent

A mere relationship doesn’t give you that freedom

I have my choices and I have the right to put them forth

If you don’t like it doesn’t mean i should keep mum

More than caressing I need care

More than lust I need love

Why should I live my life on your behest

On my own, I can make my life best

If I am only considered as an object of pleasure for you

Remember Sir, for me so are you!

Don’t force yourself upon me and expect me to let it be

If you can be angry, so can I

If you can be impatient, so can I

Do not set rules for me, if you can’t even follow one

Do not put barriers on me, if you can’t even be behind one

Lessons of life are as important for you as for me

I have my opinions just as you have got

I can be a companion, a friend, a confidante;

We are equal, You aren’t superior!

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Fatima Hasan

Fatima considers herself a non-conformist, feminist, amateur singer, cycling enthusiast and adventure seeker.


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