Bitter Sweet Changes

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Her breath tightened as she plummeted towards an unknown darkness. She knew she’d hit rock bottom soon. It was inevitable. It was close. It had to happen. She closed her eyes and braced herself.

“Breathe,” she kept repeating under her breath.

“Breathe,” she reassured herself.

“Just keep breathing!” She became more aware of the tightness in her chest, her sweaty palms. Tears welled up in her eyes. How did it come to this? How will I ever recover?

The air wrapped around her, growing colder by the second.

“Would I want to relive it again?”

“Will I just end up in the same place again”

“Another chance? Is that what I want?”

She smiled to herself, “a second chance, it would be nice”

But she didn’t hit the bottom of the pit of darkness. The air around her suddenly became warm. It caught her in a comforting embrace.

Then it happened. Her second chance. It came. Quite unexpectedly, it showed up out of nowhere.

She met her hope.

And as though almost immediately light erupted and lit up her whole world. She’d never seen so many colours. She’d never felt so many emotions. The sun had never felt this warm. The snow never felt this soft. Her world changed. It did.

But she was too naïve to believe it would last forever. She believed it would. She trusted it. She put her faith into it. It helped her build her up. But then…


It dissipated. It crumbled. Wait no. It vanished. Removed. Cruel. Cruel. The world. People.

Why? Why did you have to go? Did I do something wrong? Was it me? Did you find someone better? Did I overestimate my worth in your life?…

I did, didn’t I? I wasn’t as special to you as you were to me. I’m sorry. Even though I shouldn’t be. I’m sorry even though I did nothing wrong. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…

Oh there it is. That all too familiar pit of darkness. She braced herself for the fall. Her knuckles whitened as she clenched them into tight fists. But the fall never came.

She stood at the very edge. The very edge. A single gust of wind was enough to tip her over but she was still standing. Why?

“Will I just end up in the same place again?”

She didn’t.

It wasn’t the same anymore.

Your strength evolves with you.


Aadrita Ghosh

I’m constantly looking for ways to express myself love to pen down a thought or two on paper whenever possible. I try to find beauty in the simplest of things life has to offer and that’s one of the things that gets me by every day and that is one of the reasons I’m a Blahcksheep.


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