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What is Love?

What is love?

#LoveMonth L-O-V-E. This four letter word carries a lot of emotions within. Love is like water – you can see it, feel it and touch it without having to experience it, thankfully. Love, like water, is versatile, takes up different forms and truly imbibes its essence. It is infinite and boundless, intimate; also distant, transparent …

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The Daily Visitor

The Daily Visitor

Part I Savita was folding socks when they announced the lockdown on the news. As she dropped each pair on the pile by the bed, she realized nothing could have prepared them for something like this. The enormity of a global pandemic was just beginning to hit their collective consciousness. Her husband, Sanjeev, sat next …

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Because I am

Because I am

The author of this piece lost all memory of a girl he used to be in love with after undergoing 12 ECTs (Electroconvulsive Therapy) during his treatment. Day 1  Hi! I am Rohil. I do not like explaining myself and I cannot describe myself. In any case, you will not need any description after reading …

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The Beary Project: A Story Of Minor Languages And Major Passions

The Beary Language: Why Minor Languages Matter

Like most research projects, the initial groundwork of my MPhil thesis, ‘Minor Literatures: Two Novels on the Bearys’ began during a period of self-doubt and anxiety in the months after I had completed my MA in Linguistics at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), 2015. I remember standing by the barricade on the second floor of the …

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Guilty: A Photo Essay

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Guilty: esta serie consiste en una recreación de fotografías de fichas policiales que representan la idea de la culpabilidad por la diversidad. Las minimalistas fotos delictivas funcionan como un giro inesperado de una terrible realidad. La sociedad los juzga y los culpa por ser diferentes, por su edad, identidad sexual, orientación sexual, altura, peso, apariencia …

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