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The Duality Between Faith and Extreme Religionism

The Duality between Faith and Extreme Religionity

thousands and thousands of years ago  began an intricate system of faith  thousands and thousands of years later the reasonable fine lines between faith and grandiosity between faith and superstition between faith and manipulation  between faith and unruly practices have been vanishing in quite some bizarre fashion my tender yet dubious heart never comprehended the …

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Saving Light

Saving Light

I follow the orthodox religion in Russia. I like going to church. I like feeling the energy of people there. Religion, for me is belief in the supernatural. It is waiting for a miracle. My work has divine light, my work has saving lights. I explore religion through art. Marina Alaeva Marina ( b.1983) is …

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“Naked and like a raisin, a wrinkled knob of our imagining…” a poem on God by Mitra Visveswaran My friends and I make fun of godHe is a shrivelled up prune by our doorwaysNaked and like a raisinA wrinkled knob of our imagining It is a child-like cruelty that has us do soGod god godNow …

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God’s Plan

god's plan

Most atheists turn to atheism after having had some exposure to the ideas of religion and God. But the vice versa isn’t true when it comes to theists – at least the present-day ones. I belong to the category that says ‘I don’t know, so I’ll be as aware as I can and control what I …

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Part-Time Theist

part-time theist

[ April 5 21:00 “Sarva Shaktimate Parmaatmane Sri Ramaaya Namaha.”] She stresses on the ‘Sri. Shi-ree. She’s said it 25, now 26, now 27 times. Repeated sounds usually throw me into panic but I’m standing on both feet equally. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy calculating the number of times she’s going to say the …

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