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We’re doing four exciting workshops this April.

Curated by passionate instructors across diverse fields, these workshops offer a fun way to learn (and unlearn) while making new friends. Combining theory with doing, all our sessions are interactive and collaborative. The language of instruction is English. All sessions to be hosted on Zoom/Google Meet.

In case of any questions, flock to us at

LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE. REGISTER NOW! Pay for the respective sessions below:

DIY Editing for First Time Writers

Instructor:Pooja Bhatia
Date: May Batch,2022 (dates to be announced soon)
Time: Time to be announced soon
Price: 499 INR @2 sessions

1. How to write simply and with clarity.
2. Techniques that will help you edit your own pieces.
3. Tools and resources editors use to professionally edit pieces.
4. How SEO Rankings work.
5. How to write effective headline.

Please note: The April batch for this workshop is closed now. You can pay for the May batch. Dates will be announced soon.

A Beginner’s Guide to French (And Other European Languages)

Instructor: Jean-Mitchell
Date: 16th & 17th April, 2022
Time: 9-10 PM IST
Price: 499 INR @2 sessions

1. History of the French language.
2. Similarities between different European languages.
3. Learning French alphabets with their correct pronunciations.
4. Basic words and phrases in French.
5. Verb, noun gender rules in French.
6. Any tips, mental tricks, mnemonic devices or activities to learn better.
Activities: Practice Worksheets

Sustainability for Bad B*tches

Instructor: Jazzmine Raine 
Dates: 20th, 22nd & 24th April, 2022
Time: 8-9 PM IST
Price: 1497 INR @3 sessions

1. How to make small changes in your lifestyle and home to become more sustainable.
2. How to evaluate opportunities to transition habits from mainstream to sustainable.
3. How to approach consumerism consciously.
4. Have access to a list of vetted brands across India that you can swap out for mainstream, non-ethical products and service.

Defining sustainability
Personal Audit
Bad Bitch Action Plan (Part 1 &2)
Product Comparison Chart

Reversing Nightmares: Image Rehearsal Techniques

Instructor: Seerat Nayol
Date: 30th April & 1st May, 2022
Time: 7-8PM IST
Price: 699 INR @2 sessions

1. Less distress caused by nightmares.
2. Significant reduction in the frequency of nightmares and their intensity.
3. Better quality of sleep.
4. Untangles your identity from nightmares.
5. Improved day-time functioning.


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