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Anxiously Yours, Patience

Anxiously Yours Patience
Anxiety (1894) by Edvard Munch

your anxiety surpasses mine
as my silence screams
and I lose you,
every passing day

to ideologues
to ideologies warring within

I tell myself
as bits of me crumble inside
no cupcakes or cookies can fill this void

time passes
and I count blessings
instead of seconds
trying to remember – what they told us is right

what should I do without you
the shadows knock at my door
and I stay still
just to breathe

Gauri Ravishankar

Gauri Ravishankar

Gauri lives in Goa and is an amateur writer who strings words together to express herself. She loves bringing stories to life. Fantasy is her favourite genre because what is life without a few dragons! She worked in the corporate sector for 15 years and then decided to pursue her personal goals and dreams instead. Living sustainably and cruelty-free is her mantra.

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